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© Ashley Cagle for The Daily Reflector

"I am basically self-taught, I started really drawing when I was watching Dragon Ball Z, I don't know there was something about the characters that I just wanted to draw and I used to draw them off the tv. Then I started drawing people when there was this girl in class that I liked and I drew her. So, then I started drawing portraits. I try to taking something from everything that I see."

Is it hard to balance doing art, working, and having a family?

"I kind of make time for myself. I get off work around 11 p.m. and I will probably stay up all night and draw if I have an idea. Mainly I am doing music. The night is my time, so I try to find time. During the day I have my daughter while her mom is working. My music is a different type of rap; I basically talk about situations going on in the world and try to relate to people. You know or help someone with a situation that they are going through. I don't really like what type of rapping that is on the radio now, they are always talking about drugs and sex and I try to stay away from that. I rap with my fiances younger brother and we call ourselves visionaries; basically real situations that we rap about and we don't make anything up.

"If I do go to school, I would like to take some business classes. I would like to start my own business and soon. I want to do from clothing, to music, to art. Anything I can get my hands on, something creative."


Bless your heart
Bless your heart