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© Abbey Mercando for The Daily Reflector (Photographer)

"I taught at the community college for 14 years. The last few years I felt in my spirit that I was ready to do something else. I didn't know exactly what I was to do, but I felt I needed a change. I recently resigned to start my own business and teach more fitness classes. It was scary to leave that job. I had a lot of security there and my identity was somewhat tied to that job. I realized that we're not what we do, we are who we are. The first couple months were odd. It's been a big change, but it's worth the risk. I didn't want to stay in my old job and years later wonder 'what if I had taken a chance and done this?' Even if I'd failed, I felt it was worth the risk.
"In my life, I've struggled with realizing I have the ability to change my perspective. Now I have some awareness that my perspective is my reality. When I can tune into the bigger picture, I can have a shift in my perspective and it changes everything. It's not the external things I have to change, it's within me. Even if I can't change it, pain promotes growth sometimes, even though it's hard to realize that at the time. Awareness is the first step."
Do you have any advice for our readers?
"Take risks."


Bless your heart
Bless your heart