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© Joe Pellegrino/The Daily Reflector

"A really big issue we have here, which is ubiquitous to this region of the country I think, is that people like to make really quick judgments on other groups of people without really understanding their cultures, histories or what our cultures and histories have contributed to each other.

"Best example that comes to mind are parts of the world that are prominently Muslim. People don't understand that many facets of our culture come from there. That region of the world invented libraries, calculus, algebra and so many other things we use every day. But it is completely written out of text books, it is completely ignored in history classes and I think the work to cover up other culture's contributions to European successes pays off, because people remain ignorant from it and racism is still bred from it. I just think it is a terrible thing.

"There are lots of people in those parts of the world who are fighting against terrorism and against the IS, but the people on the front lines fighting against them are often thrown into the same corner as these extremists. What you have to understand though is that the people who live in this region of the world are most affected by these lunatics. There are people who couldn't point to Libia, Qatar, Yemen or Indonesia on the map but can just rap off and make all these baseless blanket statements about these people. As if a group of radicals in Yemen have anything to do with a Libyan immigrant. The people who live in these countries and are surrounded by these issues are in much greater danger than you will ever be because of these extremists. You just can't group everyone under one flag like that."


Bless your heart
Bless your heart