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Letter: Voter rights and responsibilities

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All American citizens, regardless of race or ethnicity, have the right to vote. People are able to get to the doctor, grocery store and other places, so obtaining a free pictured voter registration card is possible for all.

When no current address is available, a notation on the registration card should be listed as a “person in transition” and then assigned a voting district where they currently reside. This would secure the homeless person’s ability to vote.

The voter has the responsibility to know who they want to vote for to represent them and the issues they want to vote about.

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A touching letter.....

Thanks Jean, for having the courage to speak out for homeless voting advocacy.........I am sorry to hear you are homeless, but your eloquent letter is a reminder that not all street folk are illiterate, substance abusers with no job.........And while not all homeless people are informed enough to vote, you have certainly demonstrated that you are with your sweet posit in our local sandbox, here........Thanks for weighing in, and if I may, I encourage you to join Mike13 in supporting Donald Trump for President, so we can lock out big money and special interests from the Oval Office, and place a no nonsense private citizen in charge of making America great again! God bless you, Jean, and I hope you find a home soon.......

I hope you are right Jean

I hope republicans pissed so many people off with this nonsense that everyone shows up to vote and let's them know what they think. However the truth is, and republicans know it , each and every extra step required will make some stay home. It's just how it works. So rather than saying gee I want to represent all the citizens, they say how can I get elected by representing the fewest? Makes no sense. Unless one factors in what's really going on. Then we complain because government is unresponsive to our needs.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart