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Letter: Don’t delay pollution solution

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Mothers and Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast was disappointed to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling to put the Clean Power Plan on hold as the courts review the legal challenges, delaying much-needed progress toward the reduction of harmful carbon pollution.

The decision does not necessarily need to delay real health benefits to our families and neighbors, as long as Gov. Pat McCrory chooses to move ahead with plans to reduce power plant carbon pollution in North Carolina.

Carbon pollution drives climate change that threatens lung health and safety today. The Clean Power Plan, which is the first-ever national plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, is critical in our fight against climate change. Meeting the Plan’s original, generous deadlines promises significant health benefits, including the prevention nationwide of up to 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks in 2030, as well as 300,000 missed days of work and school.

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While we are buried in a

While we are buried in a chemical soup of new products that are completely untested the liberal leftists moan and complain about the toxic gases that they produce with their lungs. So stupid. So sad.

Fine, Mike13 represents........

............wait for it..............Brothers and others for common sense conservation and the rejection of extreme environmental leftism..........We worship the Creator, not the creation, and encourage responsible stewardship while exercising dominion over God's gift to us...........We consider those still advancing the global warming hoax to be anti-American and a threat to liberty............Not to mention intellectually lazy..........

Carbon polution?

We see this same letter over and over. The statements were BS then and BS now. Oops, BS is part of the "more carbon in the atmosphere" problem. Fools, Plants use the carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. It's not a poison, every 3rd grader knows this,look it up. You folks will stop at nothing to push your agenda.


Going back to the stone age will not help anything will it? Man has been burning things since he dwelt in caves and realized fire was a friend. Carbon is the common thread to everything on this planet. We live with carbon everyday. And guess what....so do you both. Do you have a car, furnace, stove, refrigerator, electricity? What are you doing to change the climate? Algae, wind or solar will not supplant the carbon based fuels that help create your living space. And remember, this Earth has been here for billions of years. I like it here. And when you and I pass away and are buried we both will be adding to the fossil fuel equation for future generations to utilize. Thanks for your contribution! Ironic ain't it??

and don't forget other types of pollution!

Great points! The world's exploding population is catching up with North Carolina - the waves of undocumented illegal aliens which businesses appreciate for cheap labor and more fast food sales also impact the environment.

100 years ago there were 1 billion people on the planet. At that time, scientists sounded the alarm that humans were forever changing the Earth's large forests, the oceans, etc..

Now there are over 7 billion!

To this day the destruction of the forests has continued - now you are more likely to find a pond full of hog excrement than a pine grove.

We have to stop selling off our air, water and land and turning NC into a giant garbage dump.

Don't forget

The sky is falling, too!!

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