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National editorial: Planned Parenthood probe

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Twisted fate: Facts led DA’s Planned Parenthood probe, now fairness should lead state officials.

In today’s hyperpartisan political climate, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson’s straightforward description of the grand jury’s findings in its January investigation of charges that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal tissue for profit was a breath of fresh air: “We had to follow the evidence where it led us,” she said, and that evidence exonerated Planned Parenthood. But it didn’t stop there. In a stunning twist, the grand jury handed down indictments against David Daleiden, director of the anti-abortion front organization Center for Medical Progress, and Sandra Merritt, an employee, who created the videos at the heart of the allegations.

We can only imagine how shocked and chagrined Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick must have been at the news. Back in August, Patrick surely expected Anderson’s pro-life standing to trump her pro-law credentials.

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Wake up!

The whole thing was made up. Get a clue. And don't argue with me: the liberal state of Texas set your a** straight. Bahahahahaha

So the video makers face felony charges

I think we're living in a book that will eventually end up in the New Testament. It does not end well.

By the way, terrible choice for an editorial.

Pay the mothers

None of this would have ever come out if the mothers had been paid for the baby parts. How could they exclude the mother from the profits. Without her they could never make a sale. When this is all over mothers will have to be paid. They were foolish to think they could get away without including the mothers!

Try reading the article again

The grand jury determined that PP doesn't sell body parts. They charge only the cost of transportation. State after state now has investigated them as the result of these doctored films and come up with the same answer. There are no profits to split. Meanwhile, use of birth control, esp long-term methods, have declined and unintended births have gone up in Texas. Impossible to get statistics on DIY abortions, but I would venture a guess that more women are inducing miscarriages with misoprostol or cocaine, both easily obtained. That is also occurring in MS and KS. Self-drug-induced abortions used to be a third world phenomenon, but these states are determined to become third world like.

Republicans and their facts

Making it up since the 1980s.

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