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National Editorial: Find the hidden voter fraud

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If two Missouri House Republicans get their way, the scourge of voter fraud could soon be wiped out for good in Missouri.

Uh, just one question: Where, exactly, is this fraud occurring?

Reps. Justin Alferman, R-Hermann, and Tony Dugger, R-Hartville, offer a solution in search of a problem. Just like scores of Republican legislators across the country, they’re adamant that this state must combat something whose relevance ranks about as high as fighting sand-flea infestation and camel mange.

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So there is Voter Fraud! 31 times is 31 times too many. And that's just the ones that were caught. I'll bet they were all Democrats. I don't want my vote cancelled out illegally. Also Are you saying that the elderly, poor and minorities do not have a picture ID and are not capable of getting one? How do they get their medications? Go to the doctor? Get Public Assistance? Cash a check? Drive a car? the list is endless. Want to take over America? without a shot? Just send millions of foreigners and send them to the polls. Oh , That's right... That's what's happening now. I wonder how many times my Great Grand Parents will vote this year? They died in the 1920's.

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