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Editorial: Mercer for at-large seat

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On Nov. 3, voters will cast ballots in the municipal election for Pitt County. Today, The Daily Reflector offers its editorial board’s recommendation in the at-large race for Greenville City Council.


Three names are on the Nov. 3 ballot for the Greenville City Council’s at-large seat. Only incumbent Calvin Mercer and challenger Erik Anderson have actively campaigned. Angela Shackleford Williams submitted a campaign statement to The Daily Reflector but did not participate in debates or respond to the newspaper’s invitation to be interviewed about her candidacy.

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Mercer the best choice

The Reflector was right to back Mercer for another term. He has shown leadership and character, despite the attacks. As far as most are concerned, the fact that Anderson welcomed and not disavowed the endorsement of tax-cheat Dennis Mitchell should immediately disqualify him. We need to move Greenville forward!

Mercer lies

He raises taxes and then drops them and makes sheep like you think you are getting tax breaks. Learn to read a financial statement and then come back and tell me what a great asset Mercer is. If it wasn't so financially scary that there are millions of you following the herd off the cliff in this country, I would laugh at your ideology.

What boldness characterizes him?

At least Anderson was a Marine. I respect the heck out of that; had my back not been surgically repaired twice, I would have loved to have been a naval officer.

Mercer, on the other hand, has run away at some point from every major project he now claims to support, from the economic development office to the good roads initiative. He has evaded running against the subject of his fixation, the mayor, because he knows he can't match him as a beta to his alpha. It's always using someone else as a sacrifice to be run over on the railroad tracks: Tom Best, Donna Whitley, Clinton Ray Anderson, and soon Marion Blackburn.

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