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Rental registry proposal blocked

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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For the second time in three years, City Councilwoman Marion Blackburn saw her effort to create a violation-based rental registry in west Greenville and the Tar River-university neighborhood fall short.

In February 2010, the District 3 representative pitched a program that would hold landlords accountable for problems such as messy yards, loud parties and too many residents living in homes.

But on Thursday night the council opted against Blackburn’s idea and instead decided to look at code enforcement as a whole, asking staff to bring back a “viable” plan for cleaning up rental property citywide.

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*just watched part of the

*just watched part of the last city council meeting on tv. don't know how the city would have paid for a registy in truna part of greenville. and ms smith let it be know that she wanted her fair share--not just in the tar river area. it may be one the only fair thoughts she's had. after all, it isn't fair to spend more money in one part of gville and not the other. oh, wait, the city has spent gobs of money in west gville over the last ten years--was that fair?

Rental Registry Blocked

Any proposal that would impede the ability of the politically connected to advance their agenda to make money will be defeated.


this is 1960s steering...keep the neighborhoods separate and unequal. Require more from a landlord in one part of town than in another. Don't spend money on a park over there, don't put any retail markets they may come to near my neighborhood. If they don't act like us, keep their yards like us, let's identify them and harass and fine their landlord until he evicts them... let them move somewhere else. We want a white liberal utopia...oh, and I am not racist..I voted for Barack Obama. This may not be their point of view or intention, as a matter of fact, I know it's not. But, it certainly can be perceived as such and the results are the same. Our leaders must be very cautious in their prescriptions to problems, sometimes in our desire to act we can do more harm than good.

*council member blackburn's

*council member blackburn's proposal is so over the top! it opens the door to all kinds of other problems such as targeting specific home owners,etc.,etc.,etc. the council made the right decision.


The Council bows to the developers again. I bet the Police and Code people could give you a list of the top prolbem places right now; Such a small number of houses could be done very easly. Why not have a citizens group loook for code violaitons and follow up? Guess Max and the boys figure to wait this out. No trust in you guys.

Sorry Marion. I'm sure you

Sorry Marion. I'm sure you can think of many more ways to spend taxpayer(free) money. Keep trying.


Blackburn & Mercer are soo out touch. Blackburn doesn't realize there are other district in the City where there are problems. Mercer just likes to hear himself talk. Tries too make everyone think he is smarter than everyone else. Bottom line is they are both tremendously ineffective and need to GO!

Wait a minute. You mean

Wait a minute. You mean Mercer is not smarter than everybody else? I guess this doesn't include other ECU professors. We know these academic types are much smarter than we are.

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