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Reports: Mercer outraises all others

By Abbie Bennett

The Daily Reflector

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Greenville’s incumbent at-large councilman has raised more campaign dollars than any other municipal candidate this or last election season.

The “Calvin Mercer Campaign” filed its financial report on Sept. 29, showing $37,100.71 collected since the last election.

Mercer’s two challengers — Erik Anderson and Angela Shackleford Williams — both reported they were below the $1,000 fundraising threshold that would required them to file a first-round election financial statement.

The first statements are due 35 days before the election to the Pitt County Board of Elections.

Of Mercer’s total contributions, $2,465 came donations of $50 or less. His contributors were primarily retirees, with some East Carolina University administrators and faculty, among others.

Mercer’s largest donations came from Albert Frazier Sloan, owner of East Carolina Road Racing, and Tom Glennon, according to the reports filed with the board of elections. Glennon and Sloan donated $1,000 each to Mercer’s campaign.

During the most recent reporting period, July 1 and Sept. 2, Mercer’s campaign spent $9,392.60 on video editing, printer ink, office supplies, copying, radio ads, printed mailings, meals, booklet ads, donation collection fees, consultant fees, office rental, event hospitality and a donation to the Democratic Women of Pitt County.

He has $20,623.41 in cash on hand, the report says.

Mercer’s contributions $50 or greater:

  • Albert Frazier Sloan, owner of East Carolina Road Racing, $1,000
  • Tom Glennon, occupation not available, $1,000
  • Thomas F. Taft Sr., occupation not listed, $750
  • John Van Coutren, Prime Investments and Development CEO, $500
  • Mickey Neal Parrott, Parrott Canvass Company proprietor, $500
  • Jill Easton Camnitz, homemaker, $300
  • Michael Steele, Scales Finch and Steele Insurance agent, $250
  • David C. Schwartz, Cardinal Canoe canoe outfitter, $250
  • Edith Malone Rand, retired, $250
  • Allison Grant, Patty’s Cupcake Shop owner, $250
  • Elizabeth Markowski, retired, $250
  • Don Parrott, RDP Management & Consulting certified public accountant, $250
  • Christopher O’Neil Godley, insurance agent, $250
  • David A. Evans, retired, $250
  • William Daugherty, Evolve Inc. president, $250
  • Sharon Pierce Culpepper, investment advisor, $250
  • William S. Brown, Brown & Wood Auto Dealership owner, $250
  • John Bray, A Time for Science director, $250
  • Polly Lou Piland, State Farm insurance agent, $225
  • Tony Moore, business consultant, $200
  • Elizabeth L. Hamilton, retired, $200
  • Ken Wilson, ECU faculty, $150
  • Leonard Kulik, ADL Associates senior associate, $150
  • Austin W. Bunch, ECU administrator, $150
  • Eric Brestel, retired physician, $150
  • David Anthony Ames, Port Human Services physician, $150
  • Patricia Moore, retired, $125
  • John Person Daughtry, retired, $125
  • Louis H. Zincone, retired, $150
  • Harvey Sharp Wooten, retired, $100
  • Judy Whichard, retired, $100
  • Sylvia Jones Wheless, retired, $100
  • Elizabeth B. Ward, retired, $100
  • Jill Ellen Twark, ECU faculty, $150
  • Rosemary Tourney, retired, $100
  • Lawrence Ed Tipton, Tipton Builders owner, $100
  • Linda D. Wolfe, retired, $85
  • Thomas H. Williams, retired, $100
  • G. Earl Trevathan, retired, $100
  • Shirley Everett Tacker, Duffus Realty real estate agent, $150
  • Nancy Shires, retired, $70
  • Linda A. Seykora, retired, $100
  • Camille Gaylord Scales, retired, $253.06
  • Margaret Ryan, Pitt Community College faculty, $100
  • Rachel Roper, ECU faculty, $100
  • Carolyn S. Reed, retired, $100
  • Mark Petterson, Pitt County Government property manager, $100
  • William Percival Perry, retired, $100
  • M. Candace Pearce, design consultant, $475
  • Leopold Pascasio, retired, $75
  • John Bibby O’Brien, ECU faculty, $100
  • Charles W. Moore, retired, $150
  • Bill McDonald, retired, $100
  • R. William McConnell, Vidant physician, $100
  • Michael McCammon, ECU physiologist, $100
  • Daniel S. Mayo, Pitt Community College executive vice president, $100
  • Lucy Lanning Mauger, retired, $100
  • Edward M. Markowski, retired, $100
  • James Ross Markelo, retired, $100
  • Mac Manning, retired sheriff, $100
  • Robert Lucas, real estate agent, $100
  • Adam Linker, Health Access Coalition co-director, $75
  • Linda Leighty, Pitt Community College librarian, $200
  • Byung Seoh Lee, ECU faculty, $200
  • Linda Jean Kuhn, ECU veterinarian, $100
  • Ronald Kemp, Old North State Project director of development, $150
  • Bernard Evan Kane, retired, $150
  • Wayland Abbot Hunsucker, Lenoir County director federal programs, $100
  • James Craig Holte, ECU faculty, $100
  • Donald Richard Hoffman, retired, $100
  • Earlene Sutton Hite, retired, $100
  • D. Renee Harrell, Premier Lawn Care owner, $100
  • Ann S. Hamze, retired, $70
  • Charles Garrison, ECU faculty, $100
  • Mary Furth, retired, $100
  • Nathan Frank, Quantum Medical senior vice president, $250
  • John Ferren, Greenville Utilities Commission chief operating officer, $100
  • Elizabeth Ann Eleanor, retired, $250
  • Chris Edwards, CHE Mid-Atlantic president, $100
  • Richard Eakin, ECU chancellor emeritus, $100
  • Patricia Dunn, retired, $240
  • Robert Doherty, ECU faculty, $100
  • Phillip Dixon Sr., Dixon Law Firm attorney, $100
  • Albert Delia, ECU Office of Health Access director, $100
  • Diane Degroot, yoga instructor, $150
  • Jeannette Debs, homemaker, $75
  • Camilla Davis, retired, $200
  • Paul Cunningham, ECU dean, $100
  • Stephen Creech, musician, $125
  • Tom Coulson, Urethane Innovators general manager, $100
  • Robert Clyde, retired, $150
  • Barbara Caspar, retired, $150
  • Jill Carraway, Grady White Boats vice president/finance, $100
  • Nancy Aycock, retired, $100
  • Alice Arnold, ECU faculty, $100
  • Charles Adams Jr., Adams & Longino Advertising president, $450
  • Friends of Marion Blackburn campaign, $400


Follow the money

Developers donating heavily to the puppeteer. The man has single handily orchestrated and supported tax and fee increases that have impacted poor and middle class families, while meanwhile gaining 100% of liberal supporters (mostly "educators") that have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Quite genius, in fact.

I am sure all that money will be spent on the campaign and never make its way back into any personal benefit. Follow the money.

"If you have been voting for politicians who promise to give you goodies at someone else's expense, then you have no right to complain when they take your money and give it to someone else, including themselves." - Thomas Sowell


what can you say

the man is a conservative capitalist Republican, What a guy!!! Knows how to make a buck( for himself)....leaves the little guys behind......

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