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Playing in the water is a part of summer

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Editor's Note

When I look at this month’s cover all I can think of is summer and being on the water. I love to swim, play in the surf, boat and do all things associated with the water.

Growing up in suburban Toronto mere steps from Lake Ontario meant that you could look at the water and you could be on the water but swimming in the water wasn’t really an option. Lake Ontario is cold and well, not so clean considering that the town in which I grew up was flanked by a cement factory on one side and a steel plant on the other.

But living in eastern North Carolina changed all that, and I’m a happier girl for it.

I see the same joy in Jay Getsinger’s photo of professional wakeboarder Sensi Graves on our June cover.

Graves was here for the April 21 first “Summer Sliders” wakeboarding competition at East Coast Wake Park here in Greenville. She walked away with top honors in the women’s division after all was said and done. She blogged about the competition and the park and said that she was “more than stoked to walk away with first place. A good time was had by all.”

The Haiku, Hawaii, resident is a self-described kite boarder, surfer, wakeboarder and entrepreneur. Despite our best efforts, Graves didn’t return our emails to ask her about Sensi Bikinis, which she designs. She created the line since she was constantly looking for, and not finding, bathing suits that didn’t cause wardrobe malfunctions while she was shredding out on the water.

East Coast Wake Park will host the second of its Summer Slider series on June 2. For more details about the event, see page 12.


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Bless your heart