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John Rosemond


John Rosemond

Rosemond: Boomers grumble about grandchildren

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A recent article on grandparenting.com says that many baby boomers are experiencing difficulties in their relationships with adult children, including “not enough time together, not enough regular communication, not feeling needed or wanted ... not understanding why they aren’t closer.”

That’s interesting. As I travel the USA as a public speaker, I talk with lots and lots of baby boomers. Indeed, they grumble a good deal about their adult children, but not about wanting more relationship. Their complaints — laments is more like it — concern their grandchildren.

Typical is the report from two 60-something boomers who told me they “don’t understand what is going on” in their daughter’s home. The grandchildren are disrespectful, disobedient, demanding, ungrateful and ill-mannered, throw tantrums when they don’t get their way and constantly interrupt adult conversations. How is it, they ask, that a child — their daughter — raised to be respectful and well-mannered seems to have completely rejected her own upbringing? When the grandparents try to give advice to her, she tells them to mind their own business.

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