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Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.


Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.

Abby: Wife can’t get past anger at husband

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Dear Abby: My husband cheated on me and told me to find somebody else. He moved in with the other woman and spread lies about me, telling my in-laws that I had cheated on him. He was on probation, so I reported to his probation officer that he was lying about where he was living. He was arrested for it.

He is now incarcerated and facing a two-year prison sentence. We’re trying to work on our marriage, but I haven’t told him that I’m the person who reported him to his probation officer. I’m still angry at him for cheating on me. When I write him, I tend to bring up what he did when he was out. I have told him I forgave him, but lately, I don’t even take time to respond to his letters. What should I do? — Just Plain Angry

Dear Angry: You’re not writing to your husband because you are still angry with him, and this is another way of punishing him for leaving you. What you should do is ask yourself, honestly and rationally, if it’s worth it to try and get past the fact that he not only cheated, but tried to damage your reputation as well.

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