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Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.


Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.

Abby: Parents still worry about adult kids

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Dear Abby: At least “Renee in Oregon” (Sept. 10), who asked her adult daughters for their friends’ phone numbers, cares enough to want someone to call if her adult children don’t respond. I didn’t regard her request as nosy or overbearing, simply so she’d have a “just in case” number. Renee’s daughters sound like ungrateful brats who don’t care anything about worrying their parents.

I’m thankful my four adult children will text me in response to my call to let me know they are OK. I have never had a problem getting a contact number from them for a neighbor or friend. Two of them offered the information without my asking.

I have only had to call a contact once. Thank goodness it was only a matter of a stolen phone, not a sick or injured child. I’m blessed my kids understand that it’s not to get in their business, but a logical safety issue. — Lucky Dad in Kentucky

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart