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Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.


Dear Abby columnist Jeanne Phillips.

Abby: Painful topic swept under the rug

No one has the right to coerce a partner into doing something she or he doesn’t want to do, whether it’s done through physical violence or relentless verbal abuse.

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Dear Abby: There is a topic I haven’t seen addressed in your column, namely being sexually abused by a spouse. I ended my marriage because my husband was waking me at 2 a.m. demanding sex. He expected me to have sex only a week after I had our baby, although my doctor had said I should wait six weeks. If I thought something he wanted me to do was degrading, he insisted I do it anyway.

It amazes me that the subject of spousal abuse isn’t mentioned in premarital counseling. No one seems willing to acknowledge this kind of abuse exists. Is there even a “survivors” network or support group to cope? I went to individual counseling, but it didn’t help me.

I think it would be helpful if society would acknowledge this kind of thing does happen. I also think that those who offer premarital counseling should be required to discuss the warning signs of a sexual abuser. — The Ex Mrs. Brown

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