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Photo-transfer projects make easy gifts

Busy lives may require sacrifices, but forgoing handmade gifts for the holidays doesn’t have to be one of them. We only need to plan well to have our crafts and give them away too.

  • A swingin’ Christmas

    For 25 years, the Emerald City Big Band has used its big sound to spread Christmas cheer.

  • 10 ways to improve cocoa

    We can’t help it. Once the cooler weather arrives, we crave hot cocoa with the same intensity that we crave a cold beer during barbecue season.

  • ‘It’s a Zoo Life’

    What’s black and white and has a mohawk? That would be Joey, who may be eastern North Carolina’s only zebra.

  • Christmas tree decor branches out

    For generations, the choice was simple:1. Strap a live Christmas tree to the roof of your car, wrestle it into a tree stand at home and hope it wouldn’t fall over.

  • Reason for the season’s performance

    Sometimes amid the spectacular colors, the sparkling lights, the beautiful music and the bustle of the season, it can be easy to forget the reason for it all.

Hot Dish: Duck-Rabbit anniversary

Farmville’s Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery is celebrating its first decade with a special beer: Duck-Rabbit 10th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Anarchy, a hand-selected blend of the best of the brewery’s stock of rare barrel-aged beers.

  • Hot Dish: Cubbie’s offers new biscuit

    Here’s what’s going on in area restaurant news:

  • Hot Dish: Restaurants open on Thanksgiving

    A number of local restaurants will be open on Thanksgving Day, many of them serving up turkey and all the fixin’s.

  • Hot Dish: Corleone’s cuisine

    Corleone’s Exquisite Dining has opened for dinner at 206 S.W. Greenville Blvd., the former location of Yerbabuena Latin Cuisine.

  • Hot Dish: Tipsy Teapot @ Limelight

    Here’s what’s going on in area restaurant news:Tipsy TeapotWith a change in ownership, The Tipsy Teapot @ Limelight, 409 Evans St., has made some menu changes, adding some new items without taking away the fresh, light fare patrons have embraced.

  • Hot Dish: 501 Fresh offers salads, more

    A new lunch spot, 501 Fresh, has opened at 501 S. Evans St. in downtown Greenville.

Lauderdale: Leaf management

One definition of landscaping is to modify or ornament a natural landscape by altering the plant cover. That is definitely what we often do by landscaping.

  • Abby: Depression could be driving teenage girl

    Dear Abby: I’m a 15-year-old girl. For the past year I have been self-injuring. I take a sharp object and scrape the skin off until it bleeds.

  • Hax: Wife feels there’s more to texts

    Q I really need another opinion on my husband. I’m 29, three kids, have been married for eight years, together 14 — since high school.

  • Abby: Open adoption could help

    Dear Abby: I am writing this in response to “Un-Grandparent in Ohio” (Aug. 25), whose pregnant teenage daughter has decided to place her baby for adoption.

  • Kolasa: Starting day healthy

    Q Have I been misleading my patients all those years when I recommended eating breakfast? I saw a study saying it wasn’t all that important to weight management.

  • Dr: K: Celiac, gluten sensitivity are different

    Q Many people I know are going gluten-free. When I ask them why, I hear about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. What do these terms mean?

Keith: My Christmas wish list

My wife and I recently received the final drafts of our chidren’s letters to Santa Claus.

  • Grizzard: Gift that keeps giving

    There is almost nothing I like more than having both of our boys home for the holidays. I say almost nothing because there is one thing I would like more.

  • Hudson: Fall speaks to Southerners

    Southerners love fall.A smart man by the name of James Farmer said, “Fall is a Southerner’s reward for surviving summer.” I agree.

  • Keith: Get mooving: No rest for weary

    My wife, Jenny, and our 10-year-old daughter, Jordan, recently have developed quite the green thumb ... sort of.

  • Grizzard: Steele tops list

    At age 85, Barbara Walters announced last week that although she has retired, she has not said goodbye to celebrity interviews.

  • Keith: The price for a clean house

    My wife Jenny likes to tell people that I run things in our household. What that means, is that I run the dishwasher, the vacuum cleaner and the washer and dryer.

Religion News Dec. 20

Special services, musical performances and events coming up at area houses of worship:

  • Go! Guide Dec. 12

    Fun stuff coming up in the Greenville area:  

  • Arts Datebook Dec. 19

    Events and activities coming up in the Greenville-area arts community:  

  • After hours Dec. 19

     Live music performances at Greenville-area clubs and venues:  

  • Kids stuff calendar Dec. 16

    Kid-friendly events and activities coming up in the Greenville area:  

  • Meeting place Dec. 14

    Meeting times, dates and places fro area civic, social and community groups:

Pactolus School names MVPs

Pactolus School recently named its Most Valuable Pirates.

  • School menu Dec. 16

    Pitt County Schools menue through Friday:

  • Report card events Dec. 16

    Important dates coming up at area schools and photos of events, activities and student achievements.  

  • Report Card Events Dec. 9

    Important dates coming up at area schools and photos of events, activities and student achievements.  

  • Project Unify honors memory of South Central student

    South Central High School’s Special Olympics Project Unify club has collaborated with the visual arts department to create a ceiling tile in memory of Kristine Song, a student who died recently.

  • School menu Dec. 9

    Lunch menu for Pitt County Schools through Monday.  

Finding the perfect low-maintenance pet

Pets can be a fun and joyful addition to any family, although it can be very tricky to figure out the best pet for you and your lifestyle.

Pet resources

Click here to link to websites of various local organizations that help pets and their owners.

Your Photos: Pitt Pets

Share a photo of your favorite animal friend by emailing us at yourphotos@reflector.com or clicking the link below, and check out the photos your neighbors have shared.

‘Night at the Museum’ bids farewell to Williams

Take heed: There are at least two acutely sad moments involving Robin Williams’ Teddy Roosevelt in the latest “Night at the Museum.” The movie, subtitled “Secret of the Tomb,” is imbued with the unshakable inevitability that even though we’re still having fun, it’s time to move on — a narrative made only more poignant by Williams’s sudden and shocking death earlier this year.

Film studies at ECU

Are you interested in studying film? See what East Carolina University offers in this area.

What's at the movies?

Click here to see what is playing at Greenville's movie theaters.

Religion News Dec. 20

Special services, musical performances and events coming up at area houses of worship:

  • Religion News Dec. 6

    Special services, musical performances and events coming up at area houses of worship:

  • Religion News Nov. 29

    Special service, music and events at area houses of worship:

  • Religion news Nov. 22

    Special services, musical performances and events coming up at area houses of worship:

  • Religion News Nov. 8

    Special services, musical performance and meetings at area houses of worship: Services Brown’s Chapel Holiness Church, 2260 N.C. 33 West, will host Elder Eddie Tyson for missionary and youth day at 11:30 a.m.

  • Religion News Oct. 25

    Special services, music and event coming up at area houses of worship:

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