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Make your relationships intentional in 2016

By Janie J. Taylor

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By our very nature, females are relational. While all individuals desire connection to feel loved, women typically seek relationships and situations in which we can provide nurturance. There are times, though, we have unusual expectations of what relationships should be like; and our desires often go unrealized. There are multiple reasons for these scenarios, but for the purpose of this month’s column, I want us to focus primarily on our desire for relationship and the need for intentionality.

You may think that, if our relationships hold so much significance, they would be our primary focus. But in many situations, we aren’t doing what would strengthen the probability of having strong nurturing relationships. We spend more time at work, on our phones and computers than with those who we say hold our hearts. Our words and our actions do not line up.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart