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Janie J. Taylor
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Janie J. Taylor

During the holidays, remember the old country store

By Janie J. Taylor

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Years ago, we’d visit my mother’s family at least every other weekend. After attending worship (sometimes just Sunday School), we would head to my aunt’s home for a late lunch and spend the afternoon. The 50-plus-mile trek was always lengthened by our stop at an old country store near where my father grew up. Usually I would join Dad as he went inside to make our purchases. I can assure you I was not looking for healthy selections. Often, I would return with a Moon Pie and Orange Crush. Sometimes I came back with a large sugar cookie riding atop my pointer finger and a chocolate soda in the other hand.

After lunch and the kitchen clean-up, Mom and my aunt would round up my cousins and me and we would begin the circular trip which included a short visit with most of Mom’s siblings who lived nearby. We would get back to my aunt’s home in time for my cousins and me to go play in the fields and get really dirty (or muddy), and we would be back home by 7:30 or 8 that evening.

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