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Unleash the power of giving

By Christy Jones

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It is the end of 2015, the last month in this year! I am super excited because this is one of my favorite times of the year ... Christmas!

It is such a beautiful time because, hopefully, we are able to pull away from the hustle and bustle of life and refocus our attention from getting to giving.

One of the things that my husband and I teach our daughter about this time of the year is this: This holiday is NOT about you! I think this is important because we tend to live in a “me” driven society and we focus a lot on “what do I want?” and “what can I get” instead of “how can I be of benefit to someone else?”

Our family tradition is not to get into a bunch of unnecessary debt trying to buy a bunch of unnecessary gifts that will sit in the closet and be in the yard sale pile by the end of May. Instead, we sit down and discuss who we can give to, who we can bless, who we can benefit. It is our desire to teach our daughter NOT to be self-centered but other-centered.

It’s not easy to be other-centered when the world around us screams subliminal messages like “Do you!” “It’s your thing!” “You Only Live Once!” “Have it your way!” “Obey your thirst!” ... I have come to know that serving and helping somebody other than myself is much more powerful and more fulfilling than serving myself. 

Please do not misunderstand me, I do believe that you should care for yourself and spend time replenishing yourself. However, the greatest joy that I have found is when I am doing something for the benefit of someone other than myself. 

It kind of reminds me of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has received its name from the fact that water flows into it but does not flow out it. Did you know that the Dead Sea has no way for the water to escape and so therefore whenever the water is trapped, it simply evaporates? Wow, what a phenomenal picture of what happens when we put all of our focus on pouring into ourselves but never turning to pour out to others. We become like the Dead Sea. 

As we are bringing 2015 to a forever close, I encourage you to examine yourself. Spend some time thinking about who you can help, who you can mentor, who you can assist along the path to success, who can you share wisdom with, who you can benefit.

The greatest gift we can give is to be a blessing to someone other than ourselves.

 Until 2016 ... have an incredible holiday season!

— Christy Jones, also known as “Coach Chris,” is a Greenville life and business coach. Contact her at coachchris4success@gmail.com and www.coachchriscompany.com.

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