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Christy Jones

Christy Jones

Simply begin again

By Christy Jones

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Well, it’s January 2016! I am so thankful to see a brand new year. I love new beginnings because everyone is gearing up for great things to come. Celebrations are happening, we are all positioning ourselves for endless possibilities in the new year. What a great time to be alive!

I realize that the beginning of the year can be exciting, exhilarating and energizing — but if I am really honest, the beginning of the year can be a bit scary, too. I know there are some of us who may have approached this new year with hesitation because, in years past, we have been excited in the beginning of the year only to find ourselves deflated and distracted later in the same year.

We find ourselves making resolutions, joining gyms, starting new diet plans, changing our hair color, buying new clothes and setting our sights on doing “big” things only to find ourselves halfway through the year hardly remembering what we resolved to do in the beginning.

I am very much acquainted with this scenario personally. I cannot tell you the number of things I set out to do in the beginning of the year and then later got derailed. I have been there, done that and got a few T-shirts to prove it.

I want to encourage you in this month of January, as you reflect on years past, do not beat yourself up, do not get sad or depressed and do not punish yourself for the failures of yesterday. I want to let you know that you simply must begin ... again!

None of us are perfect, none of us will ever get it all right and honestly, don’t expect to. If you tried to make some things happen before and they just did not work out the way you thought, give yourself a break and simply begin again. 

Let this year be the year that you live intentionally. Position yourself to do the best you can, give what you have and have fun doing it! Give yourself permission to inhale, to exhale, to simply begin. And, if you find yourself floundering during the year, just stop and simply begin ... again. 

May this year be the most impactful and inspiring year you have ever seen as you grow and discover the gifts that are inside of you! Here’s to the new year, 2016. 

— Christy Jones, also known as “Coach Chris,” is a Greenville life and business coach. Contact her at coachchris4success@gmail.com and www.coachchriscompany.com.


Bless your heart
Bless your heart