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Fitness apps: Useful or not?

By Katherine Moore

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Your fitness level is a result of your consistent actions.  In that regard, fitness apps downloaded to your smart phone help you check your progress and stay with your workout program.

At first, fitness apps mainly were used to log workouts and track calories consumed, but today there are many different apps available based on your interests and needs.

Fitness apps can be your personal trainer or nutritionist. There are apps that build workout plans and include workout videos, help you set your own fitness goals, provide specific feedback and keep you motivated to reach your goals

 Many fitness apps are available at no cost and others are available for a small fee.  

As a person who works out on a regular basis, as a personal trainer, and as a group fitness instructor, I think fitness apps are a useful tool.

There are fitness apps with functions including:

  • • Sleep trackers;
  • • Calories, both eaten and burned off;
  • • Activity trackers;
  • • Pedometers that measure each step;
  • • Water consumption trackers;
  • • Games that include movement
  • • Run trackers
  • • Cycling trackers

If you are not currently using fitness apps on your smart phone, check them out to see which ones you think you would like based on your needs. Ask your workout friends which ones they like. Share your favorites with your friends and family so that we all can improve our fitness levels while having fun!

– Katherine Moore, 24, is a Greenville native who recently graduated from East Carolina University as a health fitness specialist. She’s a personal trainer and teaches group fitness classes. Contact her at mooreka1991@gmail.com.


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