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Physicians Formula Bronze Booster, $16 at Ulta (look for coupons in The Daily Reflector!)
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Physicians Formula Bronze Booster, $16 at Ulta (look for coupons in The Daily Reflector!)

Get gorgeous, glowing skin

By Jessica Williams

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Valentines Day in and of itself can be a lot of pressure. Whether you are planning a romantic date night with your sweetie or a fun girls night out with your girls, your makeup look shouldn’t be anything to fret over. 

The name of the game is gorgeous, glowing skin. Perfecting your complexion is where you will get the biggest bang for the buck in creating a romantic look. We all know that feeling of having a great “skin day” — it gives you a little more confidence and that’s what it’s all about! Spending some time being sure your skin is hydrated and plump will help with the overall make-up application and will make it so you need less product.

The idea is to create a look that enhances your attributes, doesn’t detract from how beautiful you are and is low maintenance. Smoky eyes, bold, bright lips, heavy contours all have their place, but on Valentine’s Day, think “less is more!” 

— Jessica Williams is marketing manager for The Daily Reflector and Her... magazine.


• Use a hydrating, fast absorbing moisturizer

We haven’t had especially cold and dry weather this winter so you may only need a light weight formula to get the job done. A luminous primer is also a great idea as well. There are several on the market that offer moisture, smooth out lines, even skin tone and provide an inner glow to the skin. These primers are a great one-step option. Plus, we’ve been drinking all that water and that is the best hydration you can give your skin.


• Drink lots and lots and lots of water 

And after that, drink more. Drinking lots of water is key to getting your skin into good shape. Make it easy for yourself by keeping a cute water bottle at your desk or add fruit for a little flavor. 


• Choose a dewy, luminous foundation 

Apply the foundation with a damp sponge for the most natural application. Save the cake for desert — apply a thin layer initially to avoid any cakiness. If you need more coverage for certain areas, you can always go in and apply a little more.


• Swirl a pop of subtle peach or rosy pink on the apples of your cheeks

This will help to lift the apples of your cheeks and make you look younger.


• Sweep a glowy (not glittery) bronzer at the temples and the perimeter of the face

This isn’t the place for crazy contouring — we are just trying to warm up the face. When choosing a bronzer, look for something that will replicate what a touch of sun would look like on your skin tone.


• Keep the eyes simple

Choose a color palette that compliments your eye color and skin tone. This isn’t the time to try a new complicated smoky eye/winged liner look (unless you are a pro). I love working with palettes that contain a variety of light/dark shades and matte/shimmer finishes. Look for one with a classic rich black that can also be used with a small angled brush for soft eyeliner.


• ...do the same with lips

Take the same approach to lips that you do with eyes — simple and low maintenance. Bold lips are beautiful and can really make a look but bold lips require a lot of maintenance throughout the evening. Look for a rosy gloss or balm that will keep your lips hydrated and comfortable and give a bit of shine. Because gloss brings light to the lips, it also works to brighten the entire face.


• Powder sparingly 

Since we are going for flawless, glowing skin, only powder where you absolutely need it and in very light layers. Choose a loose powder that is finely milled so it is undetectable on the skin. (This stuff is a classic for a reason! It really is light as air and helps make-up last all day long)

Facial masks

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Massage with essentials oils for mosturized skin

Very true hydrating your skin leads you to gorgeous soft skin and i loved the above given tips and would like to add that massaging oil makes skin wrinkle free and moisturized. I personally use massage palper-rouler to massage olive oil on skin that is useful to remove dirty,makeup from your skin and at the same time moisturize your skin.

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