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Julie Hildebrand
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Julie Hildebrand

Ask the experts: Vanity table must-haves

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• A pair of reliable tweezers. (You may roll up on a rogue hair that simply needs to go)

• Solar Oil!! (This oil by Creative Nail Design instantly makes your nails feel and look better.)

• A hand-held mirror. (Give the back of your head a once over before sharing it with everyone else. And with the popularity of the braid on the rise, you can make sure it is exactly the way you like it.)

• A good mascara. (Even if this is the only makeup you wear, it can make a yoga pant day feel a little dressed up)

• A great neutral lip gloss. (Make your baseball hat day just a little shinier)

• An inspirational quote or note. (Helps you make it through the day. Here’s one of my favorites: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Mark Twain)

— Julie Hildebrand, Greenville’s A Perfect Ten Salon, 102-A Victoria Court, 551-5830.


• Vitamins

• Alternas Translucent Dry Shampoo

• Alternas Caviar Working Hair Spray

• Ceramic Paddle Brush by Olivia Garden

• Acqua DiGio perfume

• My devotional by Joyce Meyer

• A note pad to jot down the day’s thoughts

• A water (before I have my coffee)

— Sarah Schroko, Schroko’s Hair Studio, 304 S. Evans St., 754-2552.


• Lancome’s Genefique Serum Concentrate

• Clarifying cleansing wash for makeup removal/clearing dirt out of pores (I like Philosophy’s Purity or Lancome’s Creme Radiance Clarifying Cleanser)

• Great toner for removing excess oil and tightening pores (I like Neaclear’s Liquid Oxygen Facial Toner)

• The perfect red lipstick (like MAC’s Russian Red/Rouge a Levres Matte Lipstick or Lancome’s Rouge Saint Honore)

• An excellent fast-drying topcoat for manicure touch-ups (such as Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat)

• A great moisturizer (like Juice Beauty’s Oil-Free Moisturizer for my oily girls, Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar for girls in need of some hydration, and Philosophy’s Miracle Worker for those needing maximum hydration)

• A fabulous mascara (Lancome’s Hypnose 
Doll Lashes for definition; Benefit’s They’re Real for volume)

— Greenville professional makeup artist Jennifer Claude, MakeupArtbyjclaude@gmail.com, 227-0835.


• A sweet perfume

• Mascara to lengthen your lashes and make you look more awake

• Concealer to brighten your under-eye area

• A big barrel curling iron for extra hair volume or a straightener for curly hair

• Loose powder foundation for an all-over even skin tone

• Blush to give you a nice rosy winter glow

• Tweezers for those eyebrow hairs that grew over night

• A non-greasy lotion for these colder winter days

— Mika Rogerson, Boulevard Hair Company, 218 E. Arlington Blvd., 325-5530.



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There are a lot of beauty

There are a lot of beauty products that should definitely be on a woman's vanity table. From mascaras and lipsticks, to summer fragrances, all these beauty products are meant to make women feel good every day, no matter the situation.

You write only about beauty

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Any woman should also have

Any woman should also have few nice pieces of jewelry that can make a statement about her personality. Jewels can say so much about you and they are a must have too on a vanity table. There are some interesting thoughts on how a woman should connect with her own jewelry on DelightBeads. You will find that information revelatory.

I don't have all of these

Not every woman needs all these beauty products in her bathroom to use them and feel beautiful. She will look astonishing only with a moisturizer cream, a mascara and a Paua Shell necklace.

If you are a woman, you

If you are a woman, you should have these products at home. Besides these accessories, I believe that a woman should have some jewerly as well. I recently bought for my friend a few turquoise jewelry pieces because she didn't have any.

I would add one more thing

I would add one more thing that will never miss from my vanity - a good hair cutting scissor from https://xtremeshears.com/. I've recently started to learn how to make a haircut and I like to have my scissors close so I can practice whenever I get my hands on a willing friend. I'm getting better by the day, they'll soon start looking for my services!

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