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Marc and Amy

Marc and Amy

He said, she said: Winter wonderland?

By Marc & Amy

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“Man, I love winter. The crisp chill in the air. The smell of warm fires burning. Plus, I hate sweating. And bugs.

Consider this: In winter, you can always throw on an extra layer if you’re cold. But there’s a limit to what you can take off in the heat of summer without breaking the law.

Plus, how can we ignore hot chocolate and chili! No, not together ... but you can’t have these things in the summer! You ever try to drink hot chocolate on a July afternoon? GAH! I can’t even. And January’s sports scene is fantastic! NFL playoffs, college football championship, college hoops, hockey and the NBA heating up. If you’re too cold, start a fire, grab a blanket and some hot chocolate and turn on the game! 

Winter... FOR THE WIN!”

– Marc M


“Winter is my least favorite season. Why? It’s COLD! Really, any temp below 70 degrees is cold for me, but that’s another story. It gets dark early, so my sleep pattern is all wonky. Everything is DEAD! Trees, grass, my willingness to go outside, etc. You can’t take a leisurely outing on the boat and take a dip in the water or you’ll be a human Popsicle. Living around water, it might be tempting to dive in, but I don’t recommend it. Skin gets dry, you have to wear pants, and too many layers can make moving around almost impossible. Sorry Winter, but I’m a Spring and Summer kinda gal! I need some time off. It’s not me, it’s you.”

– Amy K



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