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Zulena Staton
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Zulena Staton

3 questions

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Members of the Her... magazine readers’ panel share their answers to three questions we posed this month:

— Jane Hudson


“Yes, I would like to live to 100, but I would like to look and feel like half my age!”

— Zulena Staton, 32, Greenville


“Age 30: Bye-bye insecurities of my 20s and hello confidence and stability of my 30s.”

— Crystal Hildenbrand, 41, Greenville


“I used to want to be old; now I want to be young. Funny how life will flip on you!”

— Sylvia Horne, 52, Winterville


“I used to worry about how I looked on the outside; now I am happy with how I feel on the inside.”

— Betsy Gidley, 60, Greenville


“I used to do things out of guilt or obligation; now I don’t.”

— Dawn Morriston, 44, Winterville


“I used to party; now I relax.”

— Rosa Wooten, 51, Greenville


“I used to assume the world revolved around me; now I EVOLVE around the world.”

— Emily Blankenship, 50, Greenville


“I used to be a caterpillar; now I’m a butterfly.”

— Barbara Pollard, 41, Grifton


“I used to think I knew all that I needed to make it in life; now I know that I will never learn enough about life.”

— Dede Smalls, 45, Greenville


“I used to be fun; now I’m responsible.”

— Christina Ruotolo, 36, Winterville


“I used to be wasteful with money and time; I now use wisdom, gain more knowledge and think #smartdollar.”

— Aida Taylor, 38, Greenville


“I used to try to please everyone; now I have learned to pick and choose the most important things that I want to do."

— Annie Watts, 63, Winterville


“I used to co-sign for family members. Now I just say NO, because they will stop paying for the vehicle and not live up to the obligation.”

— Kimberly Carney, 46, Greenville


“I used to talk more than listen; now I listen much more before I speak.”

— Lynn Caverly, 57, Greenville


“I used to be afraid of the dark and I slept with a light on until college; now I absolutely love a dark room, it’s so peaceful and serene.”

— Lavette Ford, 45, Greenville


“I used to love to dance the night away; now I love to recline the night away.”

— Connie Corey, 59, Greenville


“I used to attempt to be more of a follower; now I have become a leader and desire to instill wisdom in others from life’s experiences and God’s Word.”

— Lita Ward, 47, Stokes


“I used to remember when everybody had a house phone; now I barely know anybody who has a land line. #timesarechanging”

— Aisha Chesson, 36, Greenville


“I used to worry about everything; now I try to trust in God’s plan.”

— Allie Demers, 29, Greenville


“I used to say to myself, ‘I wish I was grown. I’m ready to be an adult’; now I say to myself, ‘I wish I could wind back the years and savor the youthful days.’”

— Mamie McCray, 44, Bethel


“I used to be wild and carefree — didn’t think anything could hurt me; now I’m more reserved and overly protective.”

— Lucile Yoakum, 57, Greenville


“I used to have low self-esteem; now I am very confident and comfortable in the skin I’m in.”

— Muriel Hines, 60, Greenville


“I used to worry about what people thought of me; now I don’t really care. I am what I am (I think that is a quote from Popeye).”

— Sharon Paoloni, 68, Greenville


“I used to be a bit cautious; now I believe I’ll shine regardless!”

— Mary Elizabeth Dailey, 29, Greenville


“I used to lack self confidence; now I know and like who I am in Christ.”

— Rhonda Jordan, 56, Greenville


“I used to worry way too much about what others thought of me; now I live life for ME and my family. All the other ‘stuff’ like money, material things and other people’s opinions of me no longer seem important.”

— Shelli Wainwright, 49, Farmville


“I used to worry so much about what others thought; now I focus on what makes Deidra happy.”

— Deidra Morrison, 29, Greenville


“I used to always have a sound track for my life blaring from the radio; now I listen to NPR or the mom in me would be totally unaware of what is happening around the world.”

— Erin Pierce, 45, Grimesland


“I used to live for when things would happen — like I couldn’t wait for my children to be potty trained, I couldn’t wait until they outgrew car seats, I couldn’t wait for them to start school, to finish school, etc. Now I live for the day. I know that life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride!”

— Debbie Avery, 58, Winterville


“I used to dream of what it would be like to grow up and do so many things (I have fulfilled many of my dreams and lost some but who knows in the coming years I may accomplish more dreams). Now I dream of a good life for my two daughters and four grandchildren especially facing all the conflicts of today. Dreams are one thing no one can take from us. As the Great Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘I have a dream.’”

— Mary Sue Gooch, 60, Bethel


“I used to think love would be like a fairy tale, as most Disney movies mislead little girls. Now I know that there will be fairy tale-like moments, but it’s not all a fairy tale. It takes a lot of work for two dedicated people.”

— Heather Adams, 36, Ayden


“I used to think about getting older; now I honestly am amazed that I have found each decade or my lifetime more rewarding and exciting than the preceding ones.”

— Minnie Anderson, 69, Greenville


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Bless your heart