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David Sutton

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Did he really believe the commissioners would pay him/family $400,000? I thought the civil trial was about justice...seems not. But why would the County owe the family/him any $$ on behalf of Michelle Pollard? The trial was against her, not the county? Cannot belive he took up commissioner time for his speech and surprised the commissioners allowed him the time.
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It is got to be election time again. There is a story that you will hear if you visit Mount Vernon on the banks of the Potomac River. It seems in colonial times that this young farmer wanted to run to run for the Virginia House of Burgesses. So, he took a cask of his best whiskey and several cups to the voting area and placed a sign on the cask stating "Vote for me". He won. His name, as you have probably guessed was George Washington. Now, I betting that a moonshine still close to a voting precinct with several full mason jars next month would probably accomplish the same. Before you get wound up and smoke comes out of your ears, this is a joke, and by now all of you must know that I am unable to tell a joke.
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The attorney for a woman who heard a jury’s negligence decision against her former daughter-in-law in the wrongful death of her son gave Pitt County commissioners on Monday a choice of paying the bulk of the court settlement or facing litigation. David Sutton, attorney for Barbara Pollard, accepted a $500,000 settlement from former sheriff’s deputy Michelle Pollard after a Superior Court jury last week determined she negligently caused the wrongful death of her husband, Stacey Pollard. He drowned on Nov. 18, 2005, in the couple’s pool at their Grimesland home. Collection of the settlement is doubtful, Sutton said in a letter sent Monday to Commissioner Jimmy Garris. He told Garris that Michelle Pollard’s bankruptcy and delays in the subsequent investigation were intentionally caused by former sheriff Mac Manning. The attorney told Garris that he does not expect to collect even 20 percent of the judgment and offered to settle for $400,000 from the county, which paid Manning’s salary during his tenure as sheriff. “I propose the county pay the difference between the rather modest $500,000 judgment and what we can collect from Michelle Pollard,” Sutton said, “... rather than more litigation that will further erode public confidence in the county government ... that did not support a woman whose son was murdered and the officer (Paula Dance) who tried to help her.” An earlier federal lawsuit Sutton filed against Pitt County was dismissed by the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, leading to the suit in state court that Sutton won for Barbara Pollard. The federal judge told Sutton he could return and seek relief from the county if he could show that the loss was caused by prejudice, the attorney told Garris. “If we are unable to collect the judgment from Michelle Pollard due to the delay caused by Mac’s cover-up, that certainly establishes prejudice,” Sutton wrote. Sutton told Garris that Manning caused the delays in litigation against Michelle Pollard that led to her bankruptcy “by having a special relationship with Michelle and covering up how Stacey Pollard died.” Manning has denied all accusations of wrong-doing. Garris withheld comment on the letter on Monday, saying that he had not had the opportunity to consult with the county attorney or the other commissioners. _______________________________ IF I am reading this mews reporter correctly (and I have not seen the commissioner's meeting, yet) it seems there would be no criminal charges toward the former sheriff for 400k. Is this what the rest here interpret what they have seen and read?


Bless your heart
Bless your heart