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Charges filed in Rose assault

The Daily Reflector

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Greenville police have filed charges against a 20-year-old J.H. Rose student in connection with a reported sexual assault at the school.

Chad Cortez Barrett, 1924 B Norcott Circle, is charged with one count of statutory rape, the police department reported. Barrett had not been arrested Monday and police were seeking information about his whereabouts.

The incident occurred about 4 p.m. on Oct. 10 while both students were involved in after-school activities, officials said. It involved a 15-year-old girl and was consentual and nonviolent in nature, police said.

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Editing please!

For the record, the use of the word consentual is only acceptable in legalese. In journalism, consentual is just an incorrect derivation of consent. Consensual is the correct word and is derived from the English word consensus, not consent. Please use consensual in the future.

Alternative Schools

This is the reason that Agnes Fullove should have never closed. If the law states that they should be in school then there need to be a place for the students. When you have a girl that age and a boy that age together you can bet on trouble. Since he still in high school then he has some type of disability and so does this girl. It was conseual sex, I do not feel this guy need to go to jail. She knew what she was doing. These girl are smarter than people think. This is a very sad case. I would not blame the girl if it was rape but, in this case she knew what she was doing.

A twenty year old should be in an alternative school.

I wonder is this was one of the dropouts that Dr. Reep wants to return to school so badly. Kids this old need an alternative school. You don't need 20 year old adults sitting next to 14 year olds in class.

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